Shop Fog Linen is an online store devoted to the Fog Linen Work product line. Here you will find the most comprehensive collection of Fog items outside of Japan, including new pieces designed exclusively for this site. 

Shop Fog Linen is a collaboration really. We have Yumiko, the founding designer; Julie, the shop-keeper/product developer/editorial liaison; and Michael, the book designer/print-and-web go-to. 

Setting up a site like Shop Fog Linen just seemed like the natural next step for Yumiko and Julie, who are like-minded entrepreneurs with a love for tried-and-true textiles—and not a lot of patience for whining. The pair has worked together for over fifteen years. Michael, a newer convert to the Fog world, brings a keen eye for design, a very interesting stamp collection, and a great deal of enthusiasm.

Together, we just want to design and distribute an honest, beautiful, and long-lasting product. 

Our motto: Live with linen. Every day.

Shop Fog Linen was designed by Kat Ran Press with Walbaum Grotesk types and coded by Stephen Simon Interactive. The shopping cart features are a function of Shopify.