2020 Calendar Cloths

12 September 2019.  Every year, a box arrives at the shop that looks perfectly normal, cardboard and scuffed from travel. But this box is different from all other boxes. It's full of calendar cloths, the once-yearly, limited edition cloths that arrive to a waiting list and our collective bated breath. Though the kitchen cloth is the workhorse of the kitchen, the calendar cloth can live as a casual wall hanging, clipped to a piece of twine or pinned to the wall throughout the year. Each cloth features an artist's unique design that conjures a mood or sentiment to usher in the new year. This year, we welcome the work of two artists: Isabelle Boinot and Mayumi Kuchihiro.  With illustrations ranging from flowers and herbs, to cheeses to simple cookie recipes, they offer us a snapshot into the simplicity of day to day life, reminding us to live well and mind the passing of each day. At the end of the year, the calendar cloth can continue to hang on the wall or it can have a Cinderella moment, changing back to a workaday cloth.

Image: Fromage by Isabelle Boinot.  


2 September 2019.  We wanted to share a bit about the history of the jumpsuit, a clothing staple for workers everywhere. Jumpsuit, boilersuit, coverall...whatever you choose to call it, this item of clothing is having a moment. And we're totally on board!  Originally designed as practical and comfortable workwear, the first jumpsuits were used during the industrial revolution in factories and on the railroads. Made of heavy canvas or denim, they protected clothing from workplace hazards. Loose fitting with over sized pockets for holding tools, they would eventually become popular with manual laborers all over the world.

During the 20th century, designers like Elsa Schiaparelli and Coco Chanel popularized jumpsuits for women and as more women joined the workforce during World War II, coveralls became a symbol of gender equality, worn most famously by the character of Rosie the Riveter.

Popular in the 1970's and obscure by the 1990's, jumpsuits have made a comeback in recent years to take their place in the modern wardrobe as a simple, comfortable and fashionable staple.  

We're excited to have a few in our Fall 2019 clothing collection.  We love the Giulietta Jumpsuit for its easy wearability and sense of fun.  It's available in Black, Navy, and George.  

fall clothing 2019

23 August 2019.  We all love summer, but there's something really exciting about fall...especially when we get our fall clothing shipment from Fog Linen Work.  It's so fun to unpack boxes full of beautiful linen and see all the new colors, patterns, and styles.  It really has us looking forward to fall.  Change is good.

This season has us dreaming of Italy, as all of the pieces have Italian inspired names and the colors are right out of a Renaissance painting.

Here's what we've unpacked so far:

The Giulietta jumpsuit:  Ok, how great does this look for fall?  We love how simple and elegant this piece is, while also looking super comfy.  Ever so versatile, it can be worn belted or not depending on your mood.  In Black and George stripe.

The Delfina Coat:  The definition of the perfect fall coat in a duster style.  In Ochre.

Wool Leggings:  A new style for Fog Linen Work, made of 70% wool and 30% nylon for stretch.  Perfect layer for under a skirt, dress or tunic.  In Beige, Mocha, Navy, Charcoal Grey, and Grey.

The Alida Dress: A beautiful tunic dress.  In Jane plaid, Noisette, and Nuit

The Tina Dress:  With a fitted top and fuller skirt, the Tina dress is fun and elegant with side seam pockets.  In James plaid.

The Alessia Top:  In cheerful plaid patterns, this long sleeve shirt has a lovely shape, due to its elasticized gathered bottom hem.  In Jane plaid and Lisa plaid.  

hello august

1 August 2019. What's your favorite way to spend a day in August?  Knowing that September is just around the corner, we are savoring these last summer days. Swimming, napping, reading summer novels, and just doing nothing at all are on our list.  

Here are some other easy ways to live in the moment this August.

Find a shady spot on the grass on a hot day and watch the clouds drift by.  

Eat the ripest peach you can find. Preferably out of doors, but over a sink if necessary to catch the drips.

Summer corn...get your guests or children to help you shuck, then boil or steam for 6-8 minutes and eat with butter and salt. Or squeeze some lime and chili powder on. Go ahead and have more than one piece because August corn only comes once a year.  

A great summer read...nothing too serious unless you want to. Check your local library for the latest summer reading suggestions. Added bonus: library air conditioning is the best.  

If you're feeling a bit motivated, making something with summer fruit is a nice way to spend an hour or two. If you've got guests or kids around, rope them in to help out. This black plum clafoutis from Modest Marce looks especially delicious. We hope you'll find a moment or two to laze around and take it easy this month!

photo credit: Marcella DiLonardo

Find the Patchwork Napkin featured here.  


caring for your linen summer 2019 edition

31 July 2019.  Linen clothing is our go to during the summer months.  It keeps us cool on hot days, it wears well, and it washes well.  

If you'd like a little primer on the best way to care for your linen, we're happy to share our favorite tips on giving your linen clothing the attention it deserves through lots of washing and wearing.

Proper care of your linens will extend their life and allow you to enjoy them longer.  Linen can be hand-washed or machine washed.  If using a machine, it’s best to wash with like colors at temperatures no higher than 30 degrees C / 86 degrees F.  Drying on a line is always the best approach, but if you must use a drying machine, tumble dry on a low setting.  Never wash or dry linen with high heat. 

And while we like our linen casually rumpled, here are some pro tips on getting a smoother look.

Remove your linen promptly from the washing machine.  Give it a gentle shake and smooth with your hand on a flat surface, re-shaping clothing as needed.  Then hang on the clothes line or on a hanger to air dry.  Drying flat on a towel on your bed or a table works too. 

Smoothing linen straight from the line or dryer with your hand will render its textures socially acceptable.  It’s really just a matter of what you are comfortable with.  If using an iron, a medium to medium-high setting will have you smooth in a jiffy. 

We hopes this helps you keep your linen clothing in tip-top shape all summer long.  You can find all our summer clothing here

summer corn and scallion fritters

11 July 2019.  It's finally that time of year...beautiful fresh veggies are everywhere from the grocery store, to the farmer's market, to the backyard garden, and we can't get enough of them.

This beautiful photo of fresh scallions on our brass oval tray inspired us to find some scallion recipes that include lots of fresh summer produce. 

These corn, jalapeño, and scallion fritters from Bon Appétit were just what we were looking for.  

Wouldn't they be great paired with this deliciously simple tomato salad with feta and pistachios and a tall pitcher of something cool to drink?  We can't wait to try it all out.  Long live summer!

For more brass serving items check out our Etc. section, where you'll find plenty of options for plates, trays and serving utensils.  

Photo credit: Jenny Hallengren

linen blankets for summer

03 July 2019.  We all love wearing linen in the summertime, but did you know linen makes the perfect summer-weight blanket?  On the bed as a light blanket, it keeps the chill off at night.  It makes a soft and durable beach or picnic blanket, and is just the right amount of cozy to wrap up in for an evening outdoors. 

Here's a primer on our two styles of linen blankets...we have a variety of textures and colors to choose from.  

Chambray Linen Blanket:  A great 'throw' for your bed, these thick chambray linen blankets are perfect for use in your living room, on picnics, and at the beach.  In Natural Stripe, Grey, and Navy Stripe.  

Washed Waffle Blanket:  Not just for your bed, these linen blankets are great for use in your living room and on outdoor adventures to the park or the beach. Inspired by antique linen, the subtle waffle texture feels is light and comforting against the skin.  In Natural and Grey.  

Both blankets can be machine washed gentle and dried cool or line-dried.   

We love how the texture of these blankets becomes softer after each wash.  They'll be your favorites for years to come!  

hooked in

27 June 2019.  We're always on the lookout for clever storage solutions and were delighted to see this corded clothes hanger using Fog Linen Work Brass J Hooks on the Reading My Tea Leaves blog.   Erin Boyle and Rose Pearlman collaborated on this DIY project using minimal time, space and materials.

Here's what they did:

Using a basic finger weaving technique and cotton corded clothesline, Rose created a long chain that can be looped over a hook, peg, towel rod or closet rod.  Adding Brass J Hooks and hangers to the cord, Erin created a space for hanging her children's clothing.  A second cord hanger stores her tote bags and re-usable grocery bags.    

Here's what they used:

Cotton rope
Hangers and hooks

For step-by-step instructions with photos and more details, visit Erin's blog, Reading My Tea Leaves.

We just love how simple and easy this project is!  

Thank you, Erin and Rose for your useful and beautiful ideas and for incorporating a little of Fog Linen Work into them. 

second summer clothing drop

June 21 2019.  Our second summer clothing collection has just landed along with the warmer weather.  So many beautiful things have arrived in this shipment...here's a quick preview.  

Johanna Dress:  The perfect simple dress.  Short sleeves.  Pockets.  What more could you want?  In Olive and Kateryn.  We're gonna wear this one on repeat.

Carola Dress:  A great sleeveless dress, this one is effortless to wear.  A drawstring at the waist provides versatility, so you can wear it loose and flowy or cinched for a more tailored fit.  In Merissa and Erica.

Amelia Top: This one is super cute.  With a tie at the back of the neckline and a loose fit, Amelia's gathered sleeve at the elbow adds a fun detail.  In Merissa and Rose.

Krista Top:  Sleeveless and easy, breezy.  Perfect for those hot summer days.  In White and Crevette.  

Cecilia Tunic: A very easy top to wear in the summer.  Sleeveless and cut loose, the Cecilia Tunic comes in Black White Check and Navy.

Lieve Pant:  How fun are these? With a drawstring waist, the Lieve Pants are cut loose through the leg and finished with a hem that's gathered at the ankles.  A sophisticated verison of the harem pants we loved back in the 80's.  In Albatre, Acier and Black.  

We've got the whole collection on-line here, please take a peek!

towel season

12 June 2019. Warm weather, more showers, more swims...our towels are here to help. 

We've got three different styles of towels here at Shop Fog Linen, each with their own merits. Let's discuss.

The Linen Waffle Towel: A perennial favorite and a best seller. Based on traditional European towels, Fog uses raw linen to create a textile that is long-lasting and gets softer & more absorbent with each wash. Plus, the waffle texture gently exfoliates as you dry. We offer the Waffle Towel in a washcloth, hand towel, bath towel and extra large bath towel. In Natural or White.  

The Cotton Herringbone Towel: Super-soft and absorbent cotton bath towels woven in a herringbone pattern. We offer the Herringbone Towel in a washcloth, hand towel, and bath towel. In Natural. Extra credit: The bath towel doubles as a lovely baby blanket.

The Linen Chambray Towel: Thick chambray weave linen that is long-lasting and absorbent. Each towel has a handy loop sewn in for hanging. If you decide to put these in the dryer, they are going to shrink up slightly, but get really soft and that's what makes these even better! The Chambray Towel comes in a bath towel size. In three colors: Natural Stripe, Navy Stripe, and GreyHelpful tip: If you're looking for a hand towel to match, try our chambray kitchen cloths. They come in the same fabric and colors.  

Dry away!