winter craft projects

January 27 2021
winter craft projects

28 January 2021. Other than being outside in the fresh air, there's nothing like a craft project to get us through the winter. Bonus points for using re-purposed materials. And if it's something slow and meditative, all the better.

We've just received a restock of our fabric remnants in many shapes and sizes, which lend themselves well to these sorts of projects. From buntings to fabric covered hangers to patchwork coverings and curtains...the possibilities are endless. Perhaps you have others in your household that would love to help you out? Fabric scraps are a great way to entertain little hands.  

One of our favorite remnant projects is the patchwork square pictured above from Simplicity at Home, the new book from our founder, Yumiko Sekine. Yumiko gives easy to follow instructions for making your own patchwork square that can be sized up to any dimensions your heart desires. Let your imagination soar! And let us know how you end up using Fog Linen fabric remnants. We love featuring your creative endeavors on our IG feed.
Happy winter crafting!