summer linen clothing and care

June 21 2020
summer linen clothing and care

23 June 2020.  As soon as the temps start going up, we rely on our linen clothing more than ever to keep us cool.  Because linen is so great at regulating body temperature, we find it's the perfect thing to wear all summer.  While your favorite pieces are getting lots of wear, we'd like to remind you how to best care for linen clothing.  Treated right, it will last for years.  Here's what to do:

Linen can be hand-washed or machine washed.  If using a machine, it’s best to wash with like colors at temperatures no higher than 30 degrees C / 86 degrees F.  Drying on a line is always the best approach, but if you must use a drying machine, tumble dry on a low setting.  Never wash or dry linen with high heat. 

While we like our linen casually rumpled, here are some pro tips on getting a smoother look.

Remove your linen promptly from the washing machine.  Give it a gentle shake and smooth with your hand on a flat surface, re-shaping clothing as needed.  Then hang on a clothes line or on a hanger to air dry.  Drying flat on a towel on your bed or a table works too. 

Smoothing linen straight from the line or dryer with your hand will render its textures socially acceptable.  It’s really just a matter of what you are comfortable with.  If using an iron, a medium to medium-high setting will have you smooth in a jiffy. 

We hopes this helps you keep your linen clothing in tip-top shape all summer long.  

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