The Host

November 19 2017

19 November 2017. Some hosts live for nothing more than to bring people together and feed them well. But, they will still wake up the next morning, perhaps a little sluggish, to sticky countertops and crumpled napkins in unexpected places.

With these napkin-in-the-couch-cushion moments in mind, a host gift for the morning after might be just the thing. Perhaps your host would like nothing more than a loaf of coffee cake from a good bakery or a tin of fancier-than-Liptons tea to take the edge off. Of course, good honey, oil, and salt will never go to waste in a cook’s kitchen, nor will a kitchen cloth or a wooden spoon.

We’ve never begrudged a quality pair of socks, nor will your host, as what better to pad around the house in during the quiet moments of the morning. We’ve also taken a liking to the sheet face masks that are all the rage, and we certainly wouldn’t mind receiving a few of those, perhaps tied together with a piece of kitchen twine or stacked together on a small tray. And, who has ever turned their nose up at lovely bar of soap or tube of creamy hand lotion, the kind of self-care items we sometimes forget to use for ourselves?

As is often the case, if you’re rushing to the party, and a stop at the liquor store is what you’ve got time for, maybe head to the spirits section to see if you can spot something your host might enjoy that will last longer than one evening. Though your host might tell you, “This was no trouble at all!” your thoughtfulness will certainly convey how grateful you are for the good company, the cozy setting, and the fact that your own home gets to rest, undisturbed, for one more evening.