on fall, soup, and napkins

November 05 2019
on fall, soup, and napkins

10 November 2019.  This table setting encapsulates everything we're feeling about fall at the moment. Simple, nourishing, warming...that's just what we want.  

We did a little looking around to find a soup that captures all those feels and this white bean soup with tomatoes and kale from our friend Erin at Reading My Tea Leaves hits all the right notes. It looks easy to put together without too much fuss and lends itself to making adjustments depending on what you've got on hand.  

So, soup's covered. Now how about the napkins? This fall we've got some new linen napkin color ways that feel so right for an autumn table. James is pictured above, and Emma and Stanley are also new to the mix. You can see all of our napkin patterns here.

We love using linen napkins for a few reasons. First, they wear well and feel nice to the touch, becoming softer with each wash. Second, they're re-usable, and as they're made from linen where the whole plant is used in the process, there's no waste in production. We really appreciate the sustainability factor.  

And although we tend to take using napkins a bit for granted, here are two interesting perspectives on napkins throughout the ages.

From Atlas Obscura, a look at the history of napkins.

From The Salt, the lost art of elaborate napkin folding.