summer treats on trays

July 14 2020
summer treats on trays

14 July 2020.  Our summer plans this year are going to involve as many simple outdoor evenings as possible. Any night we can eat a meal outside, on our porch, on our stoop, in a nearby park, we're gonna do it.  When it's really hot and we don't feel like cooking, dinner can be cheese, bread, fruit, crackers, hard boiled eggs, sardines from a can, get the idea.  

So if we don't have to cook dinner, maybe we'll have a little energy to make dessert?  Especially if it's ice cream.

Here are a few ice cream recipes from the archives of Food and Wine Magazine that look so summery and delicious:

Ricotta Ice Cream with Honey and Almonds

Peach Buttermilk Ice Cream

Condensed-Milk Ice Cream with Black Sesame Polvoron

We love our linen coated trays for helping us carry food and drink to our outdoor meal spot.  We've just re-stocked some of our best selling patterns too.

Here's to taking it outside!