Summer Clothing Part Two

June 17 2021
Summer Clothing Part Two

17 June 2021. Summer is in full swing, and our second drop of summer clothing has just landed. We've been looking forward to this next round, there are so many good things. We've got new dresses and tops and new colors in some styles from the first drop. Here are just a few highlights:

The Asha Top: With a cute collar and delicate pleats across the front, this short sleeve top looks great tucked in or worn loose. Buttons down the back, this shirt can be worn reversibly. In three gorgeous colors: Rose, Ivoire, and Blue Indigo. How to choose?

The Christine Top: Simple and perfect. A tank that's wide in the body, giving you space for keeping cool. In Black, Albatre, and Ciel (aka the perfect summer sky blue).

The June Dress: June is the dress we want to wear all summer long. Sleeveless, with a subtle gather just above the bust line that gives the dress a gentle a-line shape. In Black and Blue Indigo. 

The Clare Dress: You loved it in Rose, now it's back in Erica, a dark navy with an elegant white pinstripe. There's lovely detailing on this dress, it's a real favorite.

The Maybelle Dress: This one has a vintage sailor dress vibe that we adore. With a buttoned bodice, a notched collar, soft pleats at the waist and room in the body. In Ambre and Ardoise. 

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