Ready, Set, Go

November 07 2018
Ready, Set, Go

6 November 2018. Holiday season is fast approaching.  Time to set your table!  This year we're not going to get worried about being too formal.   While it's great to follow tradition, it's fun to create new ones as well. 

Not surprisingly, we love setting our tables with linen.  Starting with our linen tablecloths, we build color and texture with our linen napkins, adding flowers and candles if we're feeling fancy. 

For some simple rules on how to go elegant or casual with your place settings, check out The Emily Post Institute's guide for table setting.  

If you're looking for some floral inspiration, this Gardenista DIY is a good place to start.  We also love Foraged Flora by Louesa Roebuck and Sarah Lonsdale*.  

Beeswax candles are our favorite way to light up the table.  If you're local to the Boston area, stop by our sister store, Pod, in Cambridge, MA for a lovely selection of unusual shapes and sizes of beeswax candles from England.  

But as much fun as it is to create a beautiful setting, the most important part of a holiday table (besides the food!) are the people gathered around it.  Enjoying a meal and sharing a sense of community are what make a holiday gathering special.  Here's to wishing you a warm and wonderful celebration wherever you happen to be, and whatever you are celebrating!  

* we carry this book at our brick and mortar sister store, Pod too!  stop by in person to purchase!