Mii Thaaii

June 02 2017

02 June 2017. Welcoming miiThaaii--a new line of clothing and accessories from founding designer Yumiko Sekine.  As a new and developing brand under the aegis of Fog Linen Work, miiThaaii focuses on products made of 100% cotton Lungi material from India. While Lungi can come in thousands of patterns, Sekine is mainly using the blue madras check which in itself hosts many permutations.  In this way, all of the miiThaaii items are assorted. When you order, we want you to be open to the possibility that you may not receive the the specific check pattern in the product image. Items are in the 'blue' family and feature checks and plaids. What is certain is that miiThaaii is a sweet surprise, crisp cotton, and fresh for Summer. We hope you enjoy the edited collection we offer here at Shop Fog Linen.