mango wood mania

March 03 2021
mango wood mania

4 March 2021. We love mango wood around here. Not only is it a great all natural material, but we love the variation in the tones and the grain of the hand carved wood. We've got mango wood in a variety of serving spoons, utensils and serving boards, all designed to be both useful and beautiful in your kitchen.

The serving boards are perfect for individual-sized servings of fruit, cheese, snacks, or dessert.  We think little hands and big hands alike will find these useful for serving and snacking.

Our mango wood utensils and serving spoons are a big help in the kitchen and on the table. The large mango wood server is our personal favorite for scooping rice right out of the pot. 

Mango wood is easy to care for. It can be cleaned with warm water, a mild soap, and a soft sponge, then dried with your favorite kitchen cloth. If you find your mango wood is drying out with use, you can condition it with food safe mineral oil applied with a soft cloth.  

You can find all of our mango wood items in our Et Cetera Etc. section.

And if you can't get enough of wooden spoons, there's a wonderful tutorial on making your own in Yumiko Sekine's new book, Simplicity at Home.