mango wood hangers

April 04 2018

4 April 2018. The Spring cleaning bug is approaching. We can feel it looming even if it did just snow here a day ago. The daffodils and early tulips persist though and we look forward to throwing open the windows and giving our home a really good once over.  Whew... another Winter under the belt. 
One of the more satisfying tasks generally involves a good closet purge/tidying up and we're finding these new-ish mango wood hangers to be a beautiful part of that chore. While their profile is slim and space-saving, they can still take the weight of a heavier jacket, dress, or pant. Win-win! 
What does your Spring cleaning ritual involve? Do you have a 'go-to' tidying up guru who you check in with? If you're looking for inspiration, we encourage you to visit Erin Boyle's blog Reading my Tea Leaves. She offers the most wonderful suggestions and, more importantly, achievable solutions.  Happy Spring.