linen meter fabric craft projects

July 01 2021
linen meter fabric craft projects

2 July 2021. We have often been asked if we would consider selling Fog Linen Work fabric. We're happy to announce that the stars have aligned and we now have it in stock. We've been able to get some gorgeous pieces, all in one meter lengths, perfect for crafting projects this summer and beyond. 

Each piece of fabric comes in a one meter length, which is a little over three feet of fabric, a fair amount to work with for a variety of projects.

We've been very inspired by the projects in Fog Linen Work founder Yumiko Sekine's new book, Simplicity at HomeThere's a chapter in her book on using fabric scraps, and we see these linen pieces being used in a variety of ways, from curtains to cushion covers, tote bags, coverlets, scarves and clothing. 

These one meter lengths come right off the end of the bolts at the linen factory we work with in Lithuania, so you can expect slubs and little imperfections in the fabric, it's all part of the charm of linen. We love that these last bits of fabric can be used and that nothing is going to waste.

As with any sewing or crafting project, we recommend machine washing your fabric in cold water before using as it shrinks by about 5%. You can air dry it for less shrinkage or machine dry it on low for a softer texture and a little more shrinkage. 

And just a friendly reminder: please choose your fabric carefully, as this item cannot be returned.  

We hope these pieces will inspire you to make something wonderful!

You can find the entire fabric selection here