last bits of winter

February 27 2018
28 February 2018. As the weather grows a little warmer, we sometimes find ourselves with our mind in spring mode but our actual body still stuck in winter. We can't yet ditch winter layers, and when we've tried, we've found ourselves underdressed and shivering, both indoors and out. Cranking the heat way up is a solution, sure, but for environmental and cost-saving reasons, we've found a few ways to keep our internal heat high until the outdoors catch up. 

Though it's our general m.o. to walk around in bare feet at home, we sometimes forget we have bare feet given how rarely they're seen in the winter months. We love a good pair of thick socks, but these past few years, we've relied on these slippers that are as close to the naked-foot experience as possible. And for bringing warmth back into cold feet, we've found that a quick foot massage or a couple rounds of rising up and down on tippy toes can get the blood flowing again.

Other quick fixes for the stubborn cold is throwing a heated rice sock or a hot water bottle under the covers before getting in. Nothing puts an end to bedtime shivers faster than getting into an already toasty bed. Drinking warm beverages is another helpful way to heat from the inside out, and when we've exhausted our taste for tea, we've been sipping on plain, warm water (try it - it's good!). Finally, we're not above wearing a hat indoors, especially since there are so many comfortable beanies out there that feel light as a feather.

With our minds on spring, we'll keep honing the art of staying warm. And in a few short months we can forget all we've learned about slippers, hats, and heating pads and let the sun shine in.