jersey knit linen

February 25 2017

25 February 2017. Fog Linen's new jersey knit linen epitomizes soft, graceful comfort. After debuting in Japan last year, the line is in its first, stateside run. Four pieces make up the new collection: the Kei cardigan, the Jun top, the Remi dress, and the Mami pants. With a delicate drape that hugs without clinging, the line has made a fast impression on us. 

Though new to Fog Linen, jersey knits have a long history starting in the Bailiwick of Jersey in the Channel Islands off the coast of France. In Jersey, the knits were first made from wool to serve as clothing for fishermen, and until the late 19th century, jersey knits were usually confined to undergarments like hosiery and underwear. However, in 1852, the French fashion house Rodier started developing jersey knits for fashionable wear, and in 1916, Coco Chanel threw herself (and jersey) into the spotlight with one of her first clothing collections. The collection featured coats and skirts made with jersey, which was still considered more appropriate for underthings. Chanel continued to raise jersey's profile by using it frequently in her iconic suits of the 1950s and 60s. 

These days, jersey knits appear throughout our closets. Their staying power is linked to their silky, soft hand that makes them a pleasure to wear close to the skin. With Fog Linen's jersey, expect to find four pieces you can look forward to putting on. Layered under a cardigan or over a slip, they possess the same wonderful qualities of linen with an everyday, easy elegance.

Image: Kei cardigan