Jenn Napkin

May 31 2018

1 June 2018.   It's almost summertime around these parts, which means farmer's markets, local fruits and vegetables, and meals that are bursting with fresh flavors.  We're ready to dust off our favorite summer recipes and start cooking!

Recently, this recipe for fresh corn chowder via Erin Boyle's blog, Reading My Tea Leaves caught our eye.  Using summer corn, green peppers, scallions, chives, vidalia onions and a dash of smoked paprika, this soup is one we'll be trying out as soon as we see that first ear of corn at the farmer's market.  

And while we're cooking, we're keeping our trusty linen kitchen cloths on hand to help with cleaning up any mess we may make in the process.  We're partial to the Jenn pattern pictured here.  You can find our Jenn kitchen cloths and napkins in the kitchen and table sections of our shop.

Photo credit: Erin Boyle