How To Cook A Tote

October 04 2016

04 October 2016. We start the week with the best intentions to carry only what we need. Snacks, tech, sunglasses, a notebook, maybe a charger. Throughout the week, though, our bags seem to grow heavier. Is it us or the lingering apple and unreturned library book? We find ourselves wondering, would it feel magical to walk around with less the way bestselling books espouse?

This brings us to an idea:  approaching the packing of a tote like we do a recipe. A recipe gives a list of ingredients in specific amounts - and we follow it to a T. So how about this recipe?:

  1. One charger, coiled up in a small pouch.
  2. Two pairs of glasses, for sun and for reading.
  3. A wallet and a phone, minced (just kidding).
  4. Half of yesterday's leftover chicken and two pieces of fruit.
  5. Writing utensils tucked into a pocket.
  6. Four ginger candies, also tucked in pocket.

Combine all ingredients in one empty tote. Resist the urge to add loose papers. Let rest on doorknob between uses. Suitable 365 days of the year.

*pictured above: johann tote in black and brass safety pin