Getting Dressed

February 09 2017

9 February 2017. What inspires you when you're getting dressed in the morning? 

Scratch that. Do you feel inspired when you get dressed in the morning? Especially in the winter, does the idea of waking up, getting out of a warm bed and into structured clothing cast a chill over your heart? It does mine. The last thing I want to do is get into clothes that require the right accessories, undergarments, and sucking in. Add to that every so often I decide I no longer like any of my clothes. To counter sounding spoiled, I'll offer that I've heard similar sentiments from friends. It seems like it's not uncommon to become disenchanted with everything in your closet.

The funny thing is, though, I love my clothes. I thought a lot about buying them before bringing them home and they are generally comfortable and match my style. Therefore, when I get that whiny, feet-stomping "I have nothing to wear" feeling, I know the problem is with me.

For most, buying a new wardrobe isn't an option. And, if I'm honest, I feel like that would be cheating. I have a theory that every piece of clothing has a certain number of combinations and permutations within it, and your job as its owner is to uncover them. Sometimes, it's as simple cuffing a pair of pants or unbuttoning a button-down. Often, it's taking a seemingly formal piece of clothing and pairing it with something laid-back. I have a blouse with a graphic print that I finally figured out can work under overalls. On its own, the blouse is loud and attention-grabby, but with overalls, it fits right in. 

So, instead of starting from scratch, the real challenge is to find a way to become enamored with your clothes all over again. Full disclosure: this can involve buying a piece or two that help put a different spin on your look. Shoes and jewelry, especially, have the power to do this.

All too soon, you'll be putting sweaters and layers away for spring. While you still can, take another look at them, find a different vantage point, and give them a second, third, or thirteenth chance to win you over and put you back into the getting-dressed game.

Image: Runa Shop Coat