fresh start

January 27 2020
fresh start

28 January 2020.  Welcome to the new year and a fresh start! We're settling into 2020 quite nicely and we hope you are as well. After a whirl-wind holiday season it's nice to enjoy a slower pace for a moment.  

We've been noticing a wonderful trend lately, one that certainly lends itself to a quiet and cold month. Mending! Mending is a great way to extend the life of your favorite clothing. It's really pretty easy to repair small holes and tears in clothing yourself. There are some great tutorials around on how to repair clothing by hand using simple sewing and patching techniques. All you need besides know-how are a needle and thread and some fabric scraps, and we've been thinking our linen remnant sets are the perfect thing to get you started on your mending projects.  

We have a few different sizes of remnant sets in our Etc. section (just scroll down to the bottom to see all the choices).

We've found these mending tutorials from Julie O'Rourke to be really helpful. You can find them in her Instagram stories under "mending" on her Instagram account, Rudyjude.  

Get your needles ready folks, and bring some new life to old favorites.