favorite insta accounts

June 10 2021
favorite insta accounts

10 June 2021. When we send our products out into the world, we often wonder where they land. Thanks to #shopfoglinen on Instagram, sometimes we get the chance to find out! It's really fun to see how folks are using Fog Linen Work in their lives.

We've been inspired by the following accounts who have tagged their Fog Linen Work items in action on Instagram recently:

@alysonsimplygrows Just looking at Alyson's feed makes us want to run off to the country. Her photos of her garden, home, and intentional life style are calming and beautiful.

@sevenlakesinn If you're looking for someplace to vacation on the East Coast the newly refurbished Seven Lakes Inn in Maine looks dreamy. It's on our wishlist of places to travel this summer. For now, we'll live vicariously through their photos.

@_chicadeoro We're finding Virgina Calderón's account to be a fun mix of design and fashion inspiration. Loving the bright and sunny vibes we're getting from her photos of life in LA. 

@besspier is another account we've been enjoying lately. Her photos of simple interiors and country life in Maine are lovely. She also posts about her farm and flowers over at @hitchfootfarm.

As always, if you feel like tagging us in your Instagram posts and stories, just use #shopfoglinen. You can find us on Instagram @shopfoglinen. We'd love to see how you use Fog Linen Work at home.