fall clothing 2022

August 25 2022
fall clothing 2022

26 August 2022. We're heading into fall with a lovely clothing collection in store for you. New colors, shapes, and some updated versions of Fog Linen Work classics have us looking forward to the change of season, even as we say a bittersweet goodbye to summer. 

This fall's colors are deep and moody, putting us in mind of the paintings of Vermeer and the Dutch Masters. Vert, a forest green, Peacock, a strong teal blue and Canari, a wheat yellow are just a few of our favorites this season. We're also welcoming some new shapes and styles that are as fun as they are versatile. Many pieces play with conventional notions of fall clothing: sleeveless tops with open tie sides that can be worn over layers, dresses that double as duster coats, a short sleeved coat vest in a heavier weight linen to keep you warm and show off the sleeves of your favorite sweater...these are the details of this fall's collection that we are really appreciating. Something a little different to mix things up. 

What we're loving:

The Rosie Top: This little piece is so much fun. A sleeveless bib top with open sides that tie under the arm, Rosie can be worn over anything to add a new dimension to your outfit, not to mention a little warmth on a cool day. We've experimented with tying the ties back to front for a more cinched look as well. In Acier and Black.

The Selena Overdress: A longer version of the Rosie Top, this lovely take on an apron dress and can be worn over dresses, skirts, leggings, pants...you choose. The sides are open, letting your under layers peek through. The waist cinches with ties at each side so you can customize the fit to your figure. It's a modern take on an old fashioned idea: protecting your clothing, adding a layer of warmth, and giving any outfit a new look. In Peacock, with Natural coming later this fall.

The Alyssa Gilet: A short sleeved over coat that will become a fall staple around here. Easy to wear over sweaters, shirts, dresses...we love how the short sleeve allows you to show off your under layer with less bulk than a long sleeved coat. We're picturing our favorite fall sweater sleeves being on display. Alyssa buttons at the side of the collar, while the body of the coat is free for ease of movement. In Grey Blue and Black.

The Scarlett Dress: A shirt dress that doubles as a duster coat, Scarlett can be worn on its own or as a versatile layering piece. In two really lovely colors, Vert and Ciel. 

The Sapphire Dress: This dress could become our fall uniform, and we mean uniform in the best possible way. An easy, simple shape, with details that elevate without overwhelming: a band collar, pretty tucks at the bodice, sleeves that gather softly at the cuff. In Peacock, with Acier coming later this fall. 

The Molly Jacket: Through the years, Fog Linen Work has included a version of a classic work jacket in their fall lineup. Every year we love the new version and the Molly jacket is no exception. Short and sweet, Molly is fitted through the shoulders and fuller through the body, creating a very flattering silhouette. In Iris, this fall's version of a worker's blue, and Canari. 

We have much more in store: beautiful blouses, a classic gather skirt in knockout colors, some easy pants in a couple of styles, and more dresses and coats. You can see the whole 2022 fall collection in our clothing section here.

If you're looking to accessorize, don't forget to check out our new scarves, leggings and socks to add a little flair to your wear.  Bring on fall!