Fall and Malasadas

August 31 2017

01 September 2017. The first day of September. While it's not technically Fall yet, there's a definite shift. Apartments turn over, traffic becomes a bit more dense, daylight is slightly shorter, and our old friend the morning chill is paying us a visit again. This image of Anja and her bounty of fresh baked donuts screams "FALL!" to us. Where's the cider? Who knows how to make these sugary, doughy, fried confections and can I possibly do this? Well reader, you can. And you can do one better--it's called the malasada.

Malasadas are a fried Portuguese-style donut popular in Hawaii. Traditionally, they don't have a filling, but some varieties are flavored with creams or other fruit fillings. Intrigued? We first read about these while following the blog Two Red Bowls on Instagram. While we must admit that we have not attempted this recipe, we do go back to it often--frequently recommending it to baker friends with the hopes that they might endeavor for us.

If you live locally and decide to make these, please just remember who told you about them. We'll be right here with our mouths watering.  Here you go: Malasadas with Guava and Lilikoi Filling