earth day: napkins

April 22 2019
earth day: napkins

22 April 2019.  Today is the 49th anniversary of Earth Day.  For us, it serves as a gentle reminder to find new ways to reduce our footprint on this amazing planet. 

We like to think every little bit of effort counts and we hope that our linen napkins and kitchen cloths are making a difference in the amount of resources we consume.

Using cloth napkins and kitchen cloths helps reduce the amount of paper we use on a daily basis, steering us away from relying on paper napkins and towels.   

As well as being a sustainable option, our linens look great while working hard.  Win, win!  

If you're interested in other ways to reduce your footprint, check out A Billion Acts of Green from Earth Day Network.  It's a great resource for learning more about protecting our planet.  They've also included a list of Earth Day Tips to get you started around your home and community.  We like that #15 is: Use cloth towels instead of paper ones.  

Happy Earth Day!