details, details

April 28 2018

29 April 2018. Details can get a bad rap. They have been called the enemy of simplicity and accused of blinding us from seeing the whole picture. Henry David Thoreau even claimed that our lives could be "frittered away by details."

Over here, we like details. In fact, we rely on them. With so many things vying for our attention, it's the details that set something apart. When we pause to study the stitching n a coat or appreciate a clever design element, we are momentarily quiet and thoughtful, drawn away from the big picture. When we return, the big picture has become a little bit more colorful and rich. 

Many of our tried-and-true pieces have become standbys because of their highly functional details, like our duvet covers' interior ties that keep your puff in place, the gusset snaps on the Themis tote that make the bag roomy or slim to match its contents, and the cotton loop on all Fog kitchen cloths for easy hanging and drying.

Recently, we've been drawn in by details in our clothing, like the gathered was on the Adeline pant and the flared sleeve of the Carla shirt, both of which add nuance to items that fit in easily with the everyday. the Emilia shirt's abundance of delicate pleating gives an ethereal, truly poetic quality to the garment and its wearer.

The thread connecting all of these details, old and new, is that they add without distracting. What they contribute never compromises a core simplicity and functionality. With such smart components, who can argue with the details being as essential as the big picture? We certainly won't be putting up a fight.