chilling into autumn

October 04 2018
chilling into autumn

5 October 2018.  The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, and while many of us are lamenting the loss of summer and sunlight, let's just take a moment to think about the advantages of chilly, dark, evenings.

1.  Let's hear it for cozy.  Light a candle, cook something comforting, and set your table with some pretty linens.  Then make some tea or your favorite cocktail, put on some comfy clothing and embrace the chance to slow down and relax.  

2.  Read a book.  Could be something long and challenging that you read a smidgin of each night.  Or something light or cheery to lift your spirits. We like seeing what's new to read here.  And here's some inspiration if you need help choosing a tried and true classic.  Then take a visit to your local library or favorite independent bookstore and see what's on offer.  

3.  Take a walk.  Looking at the night sky in fall and winter is a treat.  Bundle up and get out there.  Even a quick spin around the block in crisp evening air can help to clear your head of the fall and winter blues.  You might just catch the moon on the rise.  

4.  Check out what life is like for those who live above the Arctic Circle. Perspective!