carry-all totes for safe summer trips

June 16 2020
carry-all totes for safe summer trips

17 June 2020. We're not planning any big trips for this summer, but we are looking for local-ish places to explore safely.  A day trip within our home state to a socially  distanced destination or even just an afternoon drive is our speed right now.  We'll be packing up our favorite totes with essentials for the journey.  These days our packing list reads kind of like this:

face mask. choose from a variety of colors and patterns.

hand sanitizer. our favorite from our sister store, Pod.

snacks. more treats from Pod, perfect on your favorite cracker. 

picnic cloth or blanket. for your bed, your picnic or your next outing to the beach.

hat. the perfectly packable hat for summer. 

swedish fish. for the ride home.

Our Anne bag is perfect for a short trip, while our June tote fits much more.    

Shop all our bags and totes here.

Safe travels, folks!