butcher baker quiche maker

March 24 2022
butcher baker quiche maker

29 March 2022. First days of spring and we're ready to change over our cozy winter menus to lighter, fresher fare. We're tying on our aprons and thinking quiche, which could be as simple as eggs, cheese, fresh herbs and a little green onion or dressed up with spring veggies like asparagus and peas. Quiche is pretty adaptable, you just need a good basic recipe for the filling and then you can add whatever you like to make it your own. If you've got a trusty homemade crust recipe, great, but we won't judge if you decide to use a store bought crust. You can also bake a quiche without a crust, just make sure to grease the baking dish well so that the filling doesn't stick to the pan. Here's an easy take on the crustless quiche from Bon Appetit.

We always recommend wearing an apron when cooking quiche (or anything obviously!) and we've got some lovely new colors to choose from here

If you're looking for nice baking dishes for that spring quiche, we have a few suggestions from our sister store, Pod.

For a two person serving dish, we love the oven safe Poele Ceramic Pan or the handled Ceramic Pan

For adorable individual servings, we recommend these Fluted Ramekins, which are safe for baking as well. 

As for kitchen clean ups, you can find our kitchen cloths, like the one pictured above, here.

So get those ovens started and those eggs whipped up for a taste of spring!