spring recipes and serving ware

May 15 2019
spring recipes and serving ware

15 May 2019.  What are you serving this season?  With spring in progress we are thinking about changing up our menus to match the longer and (hopefully) warmer days.  In the Northeast, we still have as many chilly and rainy days in May as sunny warm ones, so this time of year certainly feels like a slow transition.  But, we're thinking ahead to meals eaten out of doors.  We're hoping they can't be too far off.

We're really inspired by British chef Anna Jones and her vegetable forward seasonal recipes.  Here are a few that are on our menu wishlist this spring.

English Garden Toasts: roasted radishes, sweet peas, chives and goat cheese on toasted sourdough bread

New Spring Potatoes with Four Sauces: little potatoes with garlic aioli, a caper and lemon sauce, a parsley, herb and olive oil sauce, and a cherry tomato and smoked paprika sauce

Chargrilled Spring Vegetables: grilled asparagus, potatoes, watercress, eggs and capers

For dessert: fresh seasonal fruit 

So, now that we've got our menu planned let's talk about serving it.  We have a selection of both mango wood and brass serving utensils in the Shop Fog Linen Et Cetera Etc. section of our shop.  Our brass plates and trays and our  linen coated trays for also work well for serving out of doors.

Here's to spring flavors!