apron strings

November 20 2018
apron strings

20 November 2018.  When I remember my grandmother and her cooking, I always picture her in an apron, for she never cooked without one.  She passed her formidable cooking skills along to my mother, and in turn, her habit of wearing an apron.  

In spite of this, when I began cooking, it didn't occur to me to wear an apron.  This was a huge oversight, and many favorite articles of clothing were splattered with tomato sauce, olive oil, and various other substances that never came out in the wash.  I'm not sure when I realized that an apron would solve this problem, but one day I happened across a linen apron in a small shop and had the sense to buy it.  A full apron in natural linen, it was practical but not too matronly.  It was not my mother's or my grandmother's apron, but it fit me to a T and years later I continue to wear it everyday in my kitchen. In fact, I can't cook without it.  

Often when cooking, I think of my grandmother, her aprons, and her wonderful recipes.  This season I'll be making her corn pudding, and her pecan pie, while my mother will make her apple pie and her famous dinner rolls.  And we will be tying on our aprons, preserving both our clothing and our memories!

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