2017 Calendar Cloths

September 27 2016

27 September 2016. Every year, a box arrives at the shop that looks perfectly normal, cardboard and scuffed from travel. But this box is different from all other boxes. It's full of calendar cloths, the once-yearly, limited edition cloths that arrive to a waiting list and our collective bated breath. Though the kitchen cloth is the workhorse of the kitchen, the calendar cloth can live as a casual wall hanging, clipped to a piece of twine or pinned to the wall throughout the year. Each cloth features an artist's unique design that conjures a mood or sentiment to usher in the new year. On one cloth, an artist (Japanese architect Wataru Ohashi) breaks down the steps of baking through playful drawings and captions (Baking). On another, Scandinavian printmaker and textile artist Lotta Jansdotter's flowing branches quietly frame the calendar's months. Each cloth offers a snapshot into the simplicity of day to day life, reminding us to live well and mind the passing of each day. At the end of the year, the calendar cloth can continue to hang on the wall or it can have a Cinderella moment, changing back to a workaday cloth.

*Cat and yarn calendar cloth by Wataru Ohashi.