31 October 2012.

October 31 2012

31 October 2012. In 2010, Yumiko Sekine sat down to figure out the design for her next Fog Linen catalogue. After ten years of catalogue making, she had used her home, her store, her friends' homes, and the factory where Fog products are produced. Hmmm, how to keep it fresh and new? Thinking about other creative people in her life whose work and aesthetic she admired, she put together a list and simply asked them if they would take photographs of how they use Fog products in their daily lives. And thus Around Fog Linen came to be. Inside this 132-page paperback jewel you catch a glimpse into the lives of artists, designers, and entrepreneurs who use Fog products every day. Be one of the very first seventy-five Shop Fog Linen customers and receive a special gift: a copy of Around Fog Linen shipped with your order. Download a few sample pages to see what you'll be in for. [UPDATE: We're all out of Around Fog Linens. Many thanks to our first seventy-five! We're terribly grateful.]