4 December 2013.

December 04 2013

4 December 2013. We are so grateful to all of the bloggers, facebookers, tweeters, pinners, tumblrers, and regular people who have been spreading the word about Shop Fog Linen in these first few weeks. Read what people are writing at automatism{frolic!}FREE/MANRemodelistaLos Angeles TimesHandful of SaltDesign Skool3191 Miles ApartWalkMaps and FragmentsN'East StyleDesign for MinikindDo What You LoveCaroline FryarLovely Life (in Swedish!), A Subtle Revelry (Item #34), Kickcan & ConkersDowneast and out (and here), The Bengal Stripe, and Paper Pastries. Thank you. [Know of a post we missed? Let us know.]