29 January 2015. You wouldn't know it from looking out our window, but spring is right around the corner. Many of our goods have been photographed by Jenny Hallengren in Sweden for Catalogue 26—which will be all about the next season when hope springs eternal and April showers bring May flowers and a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of linen.

8 October 2014. Something we’re excited to share: Two new comforter cover styles in black herringbone and white seersucker. Photographed here, by the way, by Dallas Raleigh. See the whole family of duvets (with matching pillow cases) here

23 September 2014. A change of leaves means a change of sleeves—and Shop Fog Linen's got you covered with new clothing and colors—and scissors big and small! (We realize that last one was sort of a non sequitur, but do you know how hard it is to work scissors into a post about fall?) 

17 March 2014. The first day of spring is coming—so we're going to open a new store! Join us at 35 Sacramento Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts [map] where we'll team up with Pod for brick-and-mortar retail. See, touch, and try-on everything you see on our site plus get some classic favorites from Pod. Our first day of business is Thursday, March 20—the first day of spring. We open at 11 am, close at 6pm and will be open Thursday through Saturday. (Normal days of business will be Wednesday through Saturday.) We can't wait to see you there!

6 March 2014. It's ever so slightly warmer. Is it because the new season of Fog Linen is here? We won't speculate. But consider this: The 2014 spring look book is available for download here

27 February 2014. Spring is even closer now than it was when we last wrote two weeks ago—although one wouldn't know it by talking to the Staff of Shop Fog Linen. We've got the flu and it's snowing outside. What's making us feel better, though, are these new colors and fabrics and beauties for our spring. Every season we fall in love all over again. Bedding, clothing, and these adorable aprons for kids. We've had enough of winter but we hope this spring season at Shop Fog Linen lasts forever.

11 February 2014. Spring is right around the corner (Right?) but it's still cold cold cold. Keep warm with linen scarves or duvets. They're warm in the cold and cool in heat and perfect for all year round.

17 December 2013. Time keeps on slipping into the future, but if you place your order by the morning of December 20, we'll get your goods picked, packed, and shipped via USPS for estimated delivery within the U.S. by December 24—for free!

4 December 2013. We are so grateful to all of the bloggers, facebookers, tweeters, pinners, tumblrers, and regular people who have been spreading the word about Shop Fog Linen in these first few weeks. Read what people are writing at automatism{frolic!}FREE/MANRemodelistaLos Angeles TimesHandful of SaltDesign Skool3191 Miles ApartWalkMaps and FragmentsN'East StyleDesign for MinikindDo What You LoveCaroline FryarLovely Life (in Swedish!), A Subtle Revelry (Item #34), Kickcan & ConkersDowneast and out (and here), The Bengal Stripe, and Paper Pastries. Thank you. [Know of a post we missed? Let us know.]

1 December 2013. The end of the year has snuck up on us and it's already time to update our calendar kitchen cloths. The end of the year is also the time to catch up on all the gifts we forgot to send during the other eleven months. Scarves, slippers, and socks are guaranteed winners for anyone on your list. They're good for your warm weather friends and your cool climate family. And if you're in a jam, be sure to ask for complimentary gift wrapping. We'll send out your goods all ready to gift.