Handkerchief-Misato Ogihara: Living With Cats


This is a series of linen handkerchief's  printed with pictures of quiet and beautiful worlds drawn by illustrator Misato Ogihara. Whether they are dozing by the window, yawning, or chilling out in a box, the drawings almost tell a story. 

While useful as a handkerchief, this cute cats cloth can be used to wrap a gift or double as a quick napkin on-the-go. 

Misato Ogihara lives in Tokyo and Yamanashi. She studied design at Tama Art University. Following school she  produced background paintings for operas, concerts, etc., as well as store design. She is active as a designer, illustrator and artist.

W 17" x L 16.5"
100% linen
machine wash gentle
dry cool or line-dry


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