hooked in

June 27 2019
hooked in

27 June 2019.  We're always on the lookout for clever storage solutions and were delighted to see this corded clothes hanger using Fog Linen Work Brass J Hooks on the Reading My Tea Leaves blog.   Erin Boyle and Rose Pearlman collaborated on this DIY project using minimal time, space and materials.

Here's what they did:

Using a basic finger weaving technique and cotton corded clothesline, Rose created a long chain that can be looped over a hook, peg, towel rod or closet rod.  Adding Brass J Hooks and hangers to the cord, Erin created a space for hanging her children's clothing.  A second cord hanger stores her tote bags and re-usable grocery bags.    

Here's what they used:

Cotton rope
Hangers and hooks

For step-by-step instructions with photos and more details, visit Erin's blog, Reading My Tea Leaves.

We just love how simple and easy this project is!  

Thank you, Erin and Rose for your useful and beautiful ideas and for incorporating a little of Fog Linen Work into them.